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The Violin Bookcase

LaViolino1 ‘The Violin’
a modern library in the shape of a treble clef. A unique and original creation, inspired by the world of music. The brainchild of musician Enrico Martinelli, looking for a particular library that represented, to be placed in her living room, was patented by him.

It’s functional, because designed to hold CDs, DVDs, books. It is an object of design: its linear and harmonic structure by neutral and essential features, making it a real furnishing complement, suitable for every kind of environment. It is also a source of soft light, able to create a warm and pleasant atmosphere. This modern library is available in a wide range of colors, which makes it customizable and in harmony with the space that will house. ‘ The Violin’ is a unique object.
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‘The Violin’ Bookcase Brown

Measures: cm 207 x 85  x 25

Use: Hotel Rooms, suite, restaurant, corporate gifts,

Colours: any colours available on request; also led colours on request